5 Indie Rock Songs You Should Be Listening to Right Now

The Buttertones – “Matador”
An infectious ditty full of sexy sax and surf guitar from the L.A. quintet. If the vintage vibes don’t sell you, Araiza’s crooning vocals surely will. Makes my whole body shake every time I listen.

Wallows – “Uncomfortable”
The latest from 13 Reasons Why’s Dylan Minnette and friends (whose names you should also know, cough Cole Preston, cough Braeden Lemasters). Don’t be fooled by the celebrity buzz around them, all three are serious (and talented) musicians.

Protomartyr – “My Children”
The song breaks traditional formatting and speaks to an important issue: What the hell will our planet look like for our future children? Plus that final guitar riff is from another planet. It’s the second single from the Detroit punkers new album “Relatives in Descent.”

Good Morning – “Warned You”
Things this song is all at once: a rainy day in Brooklyn, a handwritten love letter, a middle school crush, a long drive, a cold milkshake, a big secret, a sly smile, a bouncing knee, a tambourine and wrapping paper. Just listen to the core-cutting Australian duo.

Slow Hollows – “Spirit Week”
I really admire the balance of softness with the sense of urgency in this track. A deeper dig into the young and eager California band’s discography will leave you excited. You’ll be able to say you knew about them before they became the next huge indie hit.


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